See Rituals of Umrah in British Women Marriage

Marriages these days are composed of numerous rituals and ceremonies. Majority of these rituals are adopted from other cultures because Islam is the religion of simplicity and plainness. Islam has never told us to spend a huge amount of money on useless events but as long as we are spending the money in limits, then there is nothing wrong in celebrating the events with happiness and delight. The condition is that we should celebrate our marriages within the boundaries of Islam. These boundaries of Islam should not be breached at all. No matter how much we get fascinated from others culture, our core motive should always be to adopt the rituals of marriages made in Islam.

When the Muslims migrate to the Non-Muslim countries they start adopting their culture and rituals. That culture starts influencing their daily routines and then ultimately starts having an effect on their marriages as well. It is human nature that he is attracted towards the things from which he is stopped. If a Muslims is stopped from adopting the culture of west, he will be more fascinated to it. When we see the Muslim community living in UK who are looking cheapest hajj packages, we see that their marriages are quite bold. Although some Muslims still do the marriages in pure Islamic way but sadly, the majority of them have started to follow the western culture. The bridal wears are made in such a way that they expose the body parts. The food contain western dishes. Songs and dances are done in the western way as well.


Muslims should never forget their true culture and religion. If you are living in UK, then it would be best for you to perform Umrah with your partner by cheapest umrah packages. It would be the best start of your marriage if you are performing Umrah with your life partner. When you decide to start your marital life with the blessings of Allah Almighty, then Allah always help you in spending your marriage life in the best way ever. Not only Allah guide you in all the problems of life, but also leads you towards the path of virtue. So instead of adopting others culture, we should start focusing on the Islamic rituals of marriage so that we can please our Lord and can gain all the benedictions for the life hereafter.